Bill O’Reilly: Gay marriage winning because of ‘threats and demonisation’

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Bill O’Reilly has said that the tide has only turned towards same-sex marriage because of ‘threats and demonisation’

According to Media Matters, the Fox News host made the comments on The O’Reilly Factor yesterday.

He said: “One of the reasons gay marriage has come on so strong in the USA is intimidation.”

“If you oppose [same-sex marriage], you may become a target.”

“There’s a big difference in saying, ‘if you donate money to a traditional marriage cause, we’re going to hurt you, we’re going to find out where you live, we are going try to take your job. Maybe do vandalism to your home’ – big, big difference, is there not?

“There have been websites who have put people’s names on there. There have been a lot of that stuff.

“Now there are threats and demonization. And that unfortunately, has put gay marriage over the top. That is the technique that turned the tide – intimidation and harm. That’s what won it.”

O’Reilly made an apology last year, after he suggested there was a link between homosexuality and paedophilia.

O’Reilly has changed his stance on same-sex marriage several times, last March claiming there were ‘no strong arguments’ against it, and that proponents had done a “credible job” of arguing their case.