US: TV host who stormed off over gay kiss let male strippers on her show

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A talk show host who objected to a gay kiss being shown on TV has previously been hoisted in the air by strippers on her morning show.

Dallas talk show host Amy Kushnir earlier this week stormed out of the studio of DFW’s Morning Show, after a heated discussion about NFL player Michael Sam’s on-air kiss with boyfriend Vito Cammisano.

She said at the time: “When parents do not have a choice whether they want their children to see this — it’s wrong.”

“It’s being pushed in faces. I don’t want to see that. I don’t want to see cake in your face, kissing each other.”

Despite her apparent interest in on-screen moral decency, in February this year Kushnir hosted an eight-minute segment of the same morning show in which she joked and flirted with a group of male strippers.

Introducing the segment, she had said: “Talk about getting your heart pounded. Our next guests are definitely talented in that area.

“They’re part of the Chippendales and here’s a (…) I’m already blushing (…) take a look.”

She proceeded to interview three shirtless members of the group and play a mock-gameshow with them, before being hoisted up in the air by some of the performers.

Watch the segment below, via Raw Story:

Watch her storm out below: