Fox News pundit claims the B in LGBTQ stands for Bestiality

A pro-Trump Fox News pundit has claimed that the B in LGBTQ actually stands for bestiality.

Star Parker, a former Republican state congressional candidate in California who has appeared several times as a pundit on Donald Trump’s favourite TV show Fox & Friends, made the claim on an evangelical radio show.

Speaking about the ‘LGBTQ’ umbrella term, Parker claimed that the B in is actually a hidden nod to bestiality that will become common once LGBTQ rights are embraced.

Star Parker on Fox News

Per a recording of the interview from Right Wing Watch, she said: “They keep pushing out this idea, LGBTQ.

“We did the ‘L’ and the ‘G,’ they legalized marriage for themselves. We doing the ‘T’ now, the trans, and this is a big, big challenge in our society right now.

“They did the ‘Q’ where they’re changing all the textbooks, even as low as kindergarten, to reflect that you don’t know what you are, you’re questioning.

“But notice they skipped over the ‘B,’ and there are some that say this ‘B’ is going to bombard us with real vileness in our society if they get what they want because it’s not about bisexuality, it’s about bestiality.”

Star Parker on Fox News

She added: “We do know that there is an agenda and we do know that there have been discussions about bestiality in their closed doors.

“I’m just saying don’t be surprised if we find out that that ‘B’ is not what they said publicly… that we just love each other, that it may, in law, show up as something else.”

Check out the recording via RWW below:

A Fox News representative stressed to PinkNews that Parker is not an employee and has “only appeared on the network as a guest”.

Appearing on Fox News previously, Parker claimed that the LGBT Pride flag represents “the exact same thing” as the Confederate flag.

There has been a concerted effort in recent years to remove old Confederate monuments in the US, with the Confederate flag seen as a racist symbol due to its connection with slavery.

Appearing on Fox & Friends last year, Parker suggested the two flags stand the “same thing”.

Star Parker on Fox News

She said: “What’s really interesting with an incredible irony here is that the same people that are demanding that the Confederate flag comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up.

“These two flags represent the exact same thing: that certain people groups are not welcome here.”

Addressing criticism of Donald Trump from Democratic leader Nanci Pelosi, Parker argued: “If Nancy Pelosi wants to say that we’re going to start shutting down First Amendment rights of a certain group of people, then what happens the next time that the homosexuals want to walk through an American city and protest, and counter-protesters come out?”

Star Parker on Fox News

She also claimed: “David Duke thinking that we’re going to go back to the Confederacy is just as wrong as the hard left that thinks this country is not about traditions (…) and e pluribus unum, many becoming one, not the multiculturalism and diversity that they keep promoting.

“There is a cultural war, and it is escalating.”

In 2013, Parker claimed that gay rights have ‘hijacked the civil rights movement’ and ‘destroyed black communities’.