Fox News pundit Jesse Lee Peterson says gay couples are not ‘mentally capable’ of raising children

A right-wing radio host who regularly appears on Fox News has claimed that gay couples are not “mentally capable” of being parents.

Jesse Lee Peterson made the claim on his radio show on April 17.

Raising the case of a lesbian family who died in a car crash, Peterson said: “I don’t know why anyone would trust children with lesbians and homosexuals who call themselves ‘married,’ because they’re very violent towards each other, especially the so-called lesbian couples.

“Lesbians are really violent in their relationships. We got to bring things back to normal, folks.

“We have allowed this to go too far. Enough is enough.

“These people are not mentally capable of handling the stress of raising children because the situation itself is not normal.

“Two women together as husband and wife is not a normal situation, so how in the world will they be able to handle the stress of raising children? God is not with them… Satan is their father.”

He added: “I want my country back!”

Watch the clip via Right Wing Watch:

Peterson previously claimed that Barack Obama has a “weakness” for gay and transgender people.

Ranting about the decision to commute the sentence of transgender whistleblower Chelsea Manning, he said: “I believe that he did this more because this man [Manning] has taken on the body parts of a woman

“I’m thinking that that’s the driving force behind it … Barack Obama has something going on that I don’t think we all understand at this point.”

“[Obama] seems to have a weakness, he seems to identify in a way that I’ve not seen a man identify—I’m not calling him a homosexual because I don’t know that at all… I don’t know if something happened in his childhood or what it is, but he has some type of issue going on that causes him to identify with these type of people in a way that I’ve never seen before in my lifetime.”

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