Video: Ukrainian gay club attacked in violent neo-Nazi attack

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A video has emerged of the moment 20 neo-Nazis burst into a gay club in Kyiv.

The attack took place two nights ago at the Pomada club, and follows the cancellation of the city’s pride event.

In the video, clubbers are hurried into the building by a bouncer as the thugs approach from out of sight.

One man does not make it into the club and has to sprint off with an attacker in pursuit.

The attackers punch and kick their way through the door before being beaten back and fleeing for reasons that are unclear.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a smoke bomb and a few firecrackers were thrown into the club.

Far-right, homophobic groups were influential in Ukraine’s recent ‘revolution’ (which was called a coup by many).

Several of the men in the video are wearing neo-Nazi symbols such as the Celtic cross.

Before the revolution, Ukraine’s parliament attempted to pass an anti-discrimination bill but dropped it after protests.