Performance artist to have sex with different man every day for a year

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An artist has announced that for his new project, he will have sex with a different man every night for a year.

26-year-old Mischa Badasyan, who will attempt to sleep with 365 men starting from September – says the work is intended to explore the link between loneliness and casual sex.

The Russian-born artist, who now lives in Berlin, says he has downloaded several hookup apps inclyding Grindr and Scruff to help him find men for the project, though will also use more traditional means.

He told Mic: “I might be invited to festivals, I might go to another country. I might just find someone in a sex club or in the park cruising.”

He added: “It’s easier for a gay man to do this kind of project… it’s why I feel lonely.

“Straight people don’t have these kind of applications, so many gay chats, in terms of cruising, sex clubs, sex bars, they don’t have as many opportunities as gay people.”

Mr Badasyan told Mic that he wants to explore turning himself into a ‘non-place’, with sex as routine as a trip to the supermarket.

He said: “Eventually I’ll be like a non-place, so it’ll be like a supermarket. I’ll go on the date and then I’ll go back.

“I don’t deny that it’s a bit egoistic… it’s OK. It’s performance art, and a performance artist should always be pushing his own body and the performance.”

Art student Clayton Pettet attracted publicity earlier this year after claiming he would lose his virginity on stage, but the final piece turned out to be playing on the controversy created.