TV fitness host: I wish I’d married a man, being gay is hard

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TV fitness host Jillian Michaels has said she doesn’t feel comfortable being out of the closet.

The reality star – who rose to fame as a personal trainer on the US version of The Biggest Loser – previously hosted her own show, Losing It With Jillian, and appeared on talk show The Doctors.

Ms Michaels has two children with her same-sex partner Heidi Rhoades.

When asked whether she was happy being out of the closet by Health magazine, she said: “I don’t know that I am now, to be honest with you.

“The gay thing has always been hard for me. When Heidi and I are out and somebody older ‘Are you sisters?’ I say, ‘We’re friends’.

“I guess it comes from thinking that they will be shocked or disturbed. Look, I wish I had some strapping football player husband.

“It would be such a dream to be ‘normal’ like that, but I’m just not.”