Radio host: Gays and Royal Family are Nazis ‘controlling’ the world

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Anti-gay broadcaster Rick Wiles has claimed that the Royal Family and gay rights movement both consist of neo-Nazis controlling the Western world.

The crackpot homophobic radio host made the claim on ‘Trunews’, after recent controversies surrounding the Nazi sympathies of short-lived monarch Edward VIII.

Right Wing Watch picked up his comments, after he said on the air: “The Royal Family of Great Britain has a long sordid history of Nazisim… many of the British Royal Family were closet Nazis in the 30s.

“The point I’m making is… the Nazis are in control right now. The United States of America has been taken over by neo-Nazis- the left, the homosexual rights movement, the abortionists.

“The Nazi party of Germany was a militant homosexual movement… we have a resurgence of Nazism. They’re killing babies.”

This incident is not the first time that Mr Wiles compared the LGBT community to the Nazi regime.

Last year, he said that American Christians will be murdered like the Jewish victims in the Holocaust by the LGBT “tyrants”.

He said in an interview: “They’re going to hunt you down and they’re going to persecute you.

“That is the spirit that is alive in this country right now and is being embraced by political leaders in both parties, it is the new Nazism.”

Mr Wiles was also noted saying on a separate occasion that Ebola was a God-sent disease to destroy the homosexuals.

Even before the historic SCOTUS decision in June, Rick Wiles declared that both bird flu and the drought in California was due to widespread tolerance of same-sex marriages.

Analysing the most recent claims, Kyle Kulinski, the host of Secular Talk, said: “That’s like they gave your crazy uncle at the Thanksgiving dinner table a radio show. . .

“Really? The gay rights people are Nazis?

“You do know that Hitler also put to death gay people, right?”

Mr Kulinski has followed the proclamations of Mr Wiles in the past.