Sarah Palin dropped by Fox News

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Anti-gay Republican Sarah Palin has been quietly dropped as a commentator by Fox News.

The former Republican Governor of Alaska was the vice-presidential candidate of Senator John McCain in 2008, and attracted controversy for her extreme views and constant gaffes.

Palin spoke last year at the conference of a listed hate group that has compared same-sex marriage to the Holocaust – and  got the address of the White House wrong during her speech.

The politician, who had hinted at a Presidential run but is not thought to be a serious contender even among the Tea Party, has reportedly been dropped from the conservative news network.

Politico reports that Fox this month decided against renewing Palin’s contract – though she will continue to make appearances occasionally on Fox News and Fox Business.

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed that Palin and the network had “amicably parted ways” on June 1.

She has since rebranded her Facebook page, removing mention of Fox News.

In 2013, Palin admitted to defending a homophobic rant made by anti-gay Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson without actually reading his comments.

She was later attacked by singer Sia for sampling song Titanium without permission in her speech about Robertson.