Gay columnist claims he would ‘cure’ his homosexuality if he could

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Gay right-wing journalist Milo Yiannopoulos has claimed he would choose to cure his homosexuality – and insisted everywhere without Biblical values is “f**ked up”.

The Breitbart columnist made the claims while appearing with comedian Joe Rogan on podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

According to Raw Story, Yiannopoulos said: “Everywhere that doesn’t have a strong Christian heritage is a f**ked up place with bad morals.

“I believe our culture is better than other cultures… I think it is uncontroversial to say so. Ultimately, our sense of right and wrong comes from the Bible.”

However, Rogan challenged him about his own homosexuality.

The podcast host said: “You, yourself, and your lifestyle, is proof positive that this is the evolution of what this used to be and what it is today.”
Gay columnist claims he would ‘cure’ his homosexuality if he could
Yiannopoulos responded by claiming: “Evolutionarily-speaking, I’m an outlier… gay people generally test higher for IQ than the rest of the population, and evolutionary biology suggests that people with high IQs tend to engage in dissident or unusual habits and practices in general.

“People with a very high IQ are more likely to be homosexual… I would say I’m not typical of the bulk of the species.”

Rogan interjected: “Right, but who you are… being a gay man that is promiscuous, that is prohibited in the Bible!”

Yiannopoulos continued: “Yes – I would agree it would be better if I didn’t behave like this, and if I could choose to be heterosexual I would do so.”

The situation began to escalate when Rogan branded him a “self-loathing homosexual”, adding: “I need to know what the f**k you are saying… because what you’re saying is who you are is prohibited in the Bible.”

Yiannopoulos said: “If I could choose, I wouldn’t be a homosexual. That doesn’t make me self-loathing.”

“I don’t think it is self-loathing to acknowledge that being a homosexual is obviously a sort of an aberrant sexuality, something that mother nature does on the fringes, nobody really knows why, and it could be an elegant variation in the evolutionary process, it could be all sorts of things.”