Bachelor star opens up about the woman she fell for on the show

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Bachelor Australia star Tiffany Scanlon has opened up about her relationship with Megan Marx after the two met on the show.

The couple met on the dating programme that sees a group of women compete to win the affections of a single male contestant.

Bachelor star opens up about the woman she fell for on the show

However, following the announcement they were dating, many criticised them calling it nothing more than a publicity stunt.

In a letter to PopSugar Australia, Tiffany has opened up about her first-ever same-sex relationship.

“No one has been more confused than me,” she said.

“It certainly did not happen overnight.

“It took a lot of hiding in the shadows trying to figure out what we were.

“Megan had been with other women before but for me it was (and still is) an extremely confusing time made even harder by being in the public spotlight.”

As well a public backlash over their relationship, fellow Bachelor contestant Keira Maguire took to Instagram to accuse the couple of “faking” being together.

Both Tiffany and Megan warned the 29-year-old “not to get in touch” with them anytime soon.

Explaining why they decided to go public, Tiffany said being with Megan had been the “most rewarding” relationship she’d been in.

“So why go public? Couldn’t we have made this journey without sharing it on social media?” she added.

“When Megan and I decided to publicly announce that we are in a relationship (months after we started dating), we also made the decision that we would share our lives with the world in the hope that, in some small way, we might be able to evoke change.”

She also told of how she was dismissed from a Catholic school over her sexual orientation.

She said: “This is not well known, but I had to resign from my job when I decided to try my luck at love on a reality TV show.

“My fallback plan was to finish the year off doing relief teaching — my principal qualification — once the show had finished.

“The job I acquired as a Catholic high school relief teacher was taken from me as a result of my sexual orientation and it has become near impossible for us to get “normal” jobs with our public profile.

“I now survive on the generosity of my family and my fast-dwindling savings.

“So when Megan and I do get an occasional offer to do paid collaborations on social media, we accept them — and sometimes they are indeed staged photos taken by professional photographers, just like with many other social media influencers.”

Tiffany’s message comes as Australians continue to fight for greater LGBT equality.

Although progress is slow developments are occurring, like in South Australia where a measure that lets same-sex couples adopt came into effect on Friday.