Gay people are loving the rainbow makeover at this homophobic Noah’s Ark park

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A homophobic Creationist theme park has given Noah’s Ark a rainbow makeover, and gay people are loving it.

The Kentucky Ark Encounter park, backed by evangelical anti-LGBT preacher Ken Ham, opened last year, featuring a ‘life-size’ Noah’s Ark in an attempt to instil creationism and fundamentalist views in visiting children.

The park, which took years to construct, previously attracted controversy when it emerged Ham forces staff to sign a ‘statement of faith’ banning homosexual conduct.

In an attempt to provoke LGBT people, the Kentucky tourist attraction has recently taken to lighting the Ark in the colours of the rainbow, as part of a growing evangelical attempt to ‘reclaim the symbol from gay people.

Gay people are loving the rainbow makeover at this homophobic Noah’s Ark park

Ham said: “In recent times the rainbow has come to represent… the LGBTQ movement.

“Indeed when the US Supreme Court legalized gay ‘marriage’ last year, the White House was lit up in rainbow colors.

“Sadly, people ignore what God intended the rainbow to represent and proudly wave rainbow-colored flags in defiance of God’s command and design for marriage.

“Because of this, many Christians shy away from using the rainbow colors. But the rainbow was a symbol of God’s promises before the LGBTQ movement—and will continue to be after that movement has ended.

“As Christians, we need to take the rainbow back and teach our young people its true meaning.”

However, when Ham posted a photo of the Ark on Twitter, much of his intention was lost.

One fan wrote: “check out this gay boat!”

Another added: “That’s the most beautiful gay boat I’ve ever seen! Such personal growth is hard. Yet you overcame hate to see the light. God would be proud.”

Reality host John Giddings said: “That is ABSOLUTE GAYEST BOAT and I LOVE IT. #LoveWins

“Will you have a gay animal couple in there?! Penguins are overplayed – I say make the dinosaurs you have in there gay!”

He joked: “The town next to this Ark invested all this money into making it a destination but not much tourism. Now the gays can come help! #ArkParty “

Of course, we would be remiss to talk about Ham’s Ark without mentioning the massive tax breaks it received from the Republican-controlled local officials during construction… and the brazen tax evasion since opening.

The group that runs Ark Encounter has dodged more than $700,000 in taxes by selling the Ark’s land back to themselves for just $10.