This pastor says God has copyright on the rainbow not gays

The ‘ownership’ of the rainbow is being disputed once again, with a pastor invoking both the bible and copyright to claim that the rainbow solely belongs to God.

Despite the rainbow being nothing more than a meteorological phenomenon caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light, the pastor urged his audience to ‘take back the rainbow’ from the LGBT community.

Reverend Jonathan Campbell claimed in an online sermon that, contrary to what scientists or weather forecasters may think, the rainbow definitively belongs to a Christian God.

St Petersburg Pride in Russia

St. Petersburg Pride (Photo by OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP/Getty Images)

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Rev. Campbell cited the book of Genesis, reciting a verse claiming that the rainbow was a reminder of God’s promise to Noah.

The Reverend argued that this was proof that God has the copyright on the rainbow.

The sermon was given on SermonAudio, an international library of sermons from conservative churches.

Rev Campbell said: “God is saying, it’s my rainbow. It belongs to me. And it does. He owns the copyright for the rainbow.

“The copyright for the rainbow belongs to almighty God. Not to the LGBT movement.”

The story is similar to the recent debate over a rainbow lit Noah’s Ark in western Kentucky.

Ken Ham, the owner of the Ark, lit the attraction up in rainbow colours in an attempt to “reclaim” the rainbow from the LGBT community.

Noah's Ark Park lit up with Rainbow lights

Noah’s Ark Park lit up with Rainbow lights

He was then extensively and hilariously mocked on social media.

Since this backlash, Ham has permanently lit the attraction in rainbow colours to ‘discredit’ the rainbow’s association with the LGBT community.

Rev Campbell made reference to this case himself and said: “He is taking back the rainbow and he is saying, in a sense, hands off the rainbow, and that must be our message tonight. Hands off the rainbow because it belongs to God.”

The rainbow flag has been used as a symbol for the LGBT community since its invention in 1978 by the recently passed Gilbert Baker. 

The Reverend is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is from the Newbuildings Independent Methodist Church.

This sermon was given during Pride season, with many events being currently celebrated or organised.