Fundamentalist Christian says sin is deadlier than coronavirus while bizarrely speculating on the death of PinkNews journalists. Urm…

Christian fundamentalist Ken Ham

Fundamentalist Christian Ken Ham has said that sin is deadlier than coronavirus, with a death rate of 100 per cent, while bizarrely speculating about the death of PinkNews journalists.

Ham is CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, which owns the science-ignoring Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, a Noah’s Ark–themed amusement park with a “life-size” ark.

Last week, Ham was absolutely raging about two gay cartoon ducks in the Disney reboot of DuckTales, which he said was indoctrinating “kids in this anti-Biblical, sinful lifestyle that destroys the family”.

However, the new Earth creationist proceeded to rage even more when he saw that PinkNews had reported on his comments.

In a new Facebook post, Ham said: “A gay news source wrote an article about me with this headline: ‘Thousands of people are dying from coronavirus every day, but this Christian fundamentalist is raging over two gay cartoon ducks.'”

He suggested that he would have preferred the headline to be “150,000 people die each day in the world, and Ken Ham is concerned for their spiritual state and their eternity because of the raging pandemic of sin”, but added, while knowing nothing about the journalist’s religious beliefs, that they would not understand because “God of this world has blinded the eyes of those who don’t believe”. 

He then, bizarrely, went on to speculate about the journalist’s death and whether they even cared about people dying from COVID-19.

Ken Ham wrote: “Yes, the worst pandemic of all – sin – is raging about us and the death toll is 100 per cent. I predict the writer of the article about me will one day die.

“From a perspective of a non-Christian, why do they care if people die?… If you die and that’s it and you won’t know you ever existed, why do they care about people dying?”

The fundamentalist, whose organisation describes “homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, transgenderism, transvestitism and non-binarism” as “twisted and corrupt”, seemed to be having some trouble with the difference between human mortality and coronavirus.

He said: “Here we are in a coronavirus situation and most politicians claim they want to stop deaths. But, they can’t stop the inevitable because everyone will die.”

Ham admitted that “we need to do all we can to fight disease and help the sick”, but his prayer request was not for the sick, nor frontline workers, nor researchers trying to develop a vaccine, nor even the economy.

He said: “Pray we can open the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum following all health requirements etc, so we can impact more people with the most essential message of all for their spiritual health—the truth of God’s Word and the saving gospel.”

Yes, really.