Radio host claims homosexuals are scaring away US fighter pilots

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Radio host Bryan Fischer has claimed that gay people are scaring trained fighter pilots away from the US armed forces.

Fischer, the host of the American Family Association’s Focal Point radio show, made the claim in response to reports of a serious pilot deficit in the US Air Force.

Experts say the shortfall in trained pilots is down to ‘poaching’ by commercial airlines, which have attempted to lure pilots away with higher-paid jobs.

But in a Facebook post, Mr Fischer claimed that they were actually leaving the military because there are too many homosexuals.

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He wrote: “We said if gays were allowed in the military, it would affect retention. We’re seeing it with fighter pilots.”

Of course, you would never find homosexuals working anywhere near commercial airplanes, so it’s the one safe refuge for macho-style men’s men.

On that point, here’s an unrelated music video.

Anyway, Mr Fischer’s comments were roundly mocked.

One listener wrote: “We’re short on pilots so it makes sense to keep 5% of the population from being able to fill those spots?
You have as many brain cells as a box of rocks.”

Another added: “They let gays in the military, and NOW MY HAIR IS TURNING GREY AND THERE WAS AN ECLIPSE.

“Coincidence? I think NOT.”

Fischer insisted earlier this year that homosexuals are ‘literally’ Nazi stormtroopers.

The right-wing American Family Association, which runs American Family Radio, pretended to sack spokesperson Bryan Fischer in 2015 for comparing gays to Nazis after senior Republican lawmakers faced questions over financial ties to the AFA.

While he was stripped of a symbolic title, Mr Fischer was never actually dismissed from his American Family Radio show. He is still employed by the AFA, and still making the exact same offensive comparison.

Speaking on his show in February, he claimed: “Homosexual supremacy is the doctrine that homosexual rights trump every other right in the world.

“They trump every right that heterosexuals have, they trump every right that citizens have not to be pushed around by the activists and the LGBT agenda.

“You know, Meryl Streep is out there saying she is going to stand up to the Brownshirts in our culture, referring to Donald Trump

“The real Brownshirts are in the homosexual movement. In fact, the Brownshirts under Hitler literally were homosexuals. You couldn’t become an officer without being a homosexual.

“The gay Gestapo have the same kind of tactics, the same kind of worldview, the same kind of mentality [as Nazis].”