Shawn Mendes songwriter Teddy Geiger makes first official appearance since coming out as transgender

Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger, best known for her work with Shawn Mendes, has made her first red carpet appearance since coming out as trans.

On Tuesday, the singer and producer made her first industry appearance since coming out.

Geiger made the appearance at the 66th annual BMI Music Awards where she was honoured at the ceremony for her co-writing work with Mendes.

The musician is best known for her co-writing and producing work with Shawn Mendes, with credits including “Mercy,” “Stitches” and “Treat You Better.”

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Although Geiger has been regularly posting on social media, including subtle updates about her transition, this is her first major public appearance since coming out.

Many people took to social media to congratulate Geiger after the appearance.

“You rock Ms Geiger,” one fan wrote.

(@DaU1231 / Twitter)

“Good for Teddy Geiger. Live your best life girl,” said another.

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Television personality Perez Hilton, who admitted in April that he would not put his son in dance class because “it might make him gay,” praised Geiger.

(@ThePerezHilton / Twitter)

Hilton wrote: “She’s here! She’s free! She’s gorgeous!!”

Geiger came out as transgender in 2017 with a post on Instagram.

Writing on the image-based social networking site six months ago, Geiger responded to a fan who questioned their changing look.

(@TeddyGeiger / Instagram)

The singer replied: “Okay… because u asked nicely… I am transitioning”.

Geiger added: “I started talking about it with a couple of my close friends and family about a month ago and it’s given me the courage to start the process.

“I feel like the next step is to tell all y’all. So here goes.

“Love it or hate this is who I have been for a looooong time. I love u guys. Talk sooooon byeeee.”

Fans responded with an outpouring of love.

“Woke up to so much love. I have the best friends. ,” said Geiger the day after coming out:

Long-time collaborator Mendes has publicly supported Geiger with her transition, recently stating that he was “grateful” to be involved.

Shawn Mendes

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Mendes told Billboard: “I’m so grateful to be going through this process with her because I’m learning so much from it.”

The 19-year-old singer went on to say that seeing Geiger react when Mendes used the correct pronouns for her emotionally moved him.

He said: “I wish everyone could experience this, because if they did, there would be no questions.

“There would be no ‘I don’t get it,’ no confusion about the process.”

Geiger has also written for One Direction, Maroon 5, James Blunt and Tiësto, and released her own albums and EPs as a singer-songwriter.