Ask the Aunties: Should I end my secret gay relationship with a professional footballer?

PinkNews brings you a second series of Ask the Aunties, where our fabulous aunties answer your dilemmas.

From dating to telling your pals your pronouns, no problem is left unanswered.

Lee Gray, Karnage Kills and Rhys Hollis are the queer agony aunts you always wanted—and they never shy away from any dilemma, no matter how tricky or unusual.

This week, a gay person in a secret relationship with a closeted footballer asks: Should I wait or will he keep stringing me along?

Lee, Rhys and Karnage have some wise words for this guy (PinkNews)


Dear aunties,

Since the age of 16, I have been having an on/off secret relationship with a guy from school. We’re both 21 now but he has had a number of relationships with women and even has a two-year-old daughter.

He says he can’t come out as he is the captain of the local semi-pro football team and he has to have girlfriends so that people don’t suspect anything.

He says that he is trying to earn enough money so that we can move away together when he retires from football. He is expecting this to happen in the next seven to eight years.

Should I wait or will he just keep stringing me along?

From, anonymous

Watch the video above to see the aunties—unfiltered—advice.

Lee Gray is a YouTuber and part-time podcaster with Karnage Kills—together they produce a podcast about black queer men’s experiences living and dating in London, called Wolves in the City.

Karnage is a rapper and grime artist from north London, regularly performing on the queer scene. You can also listen to his tracks on SoundCloud.

Rhys Hollis is a drag and cabaret performer, and this year’s winner of LIPSYNC1000.

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