Kids React star who went viral for anti-gay views is now pro-LGBT

A Kids React video on YouTube in which Lucas Daniel Vazquez talks about Andi Mack.

A child who went viral in 2013 for his anti-gay views on popular YouTube series Kids React is now pro-LGBT+.

When he was five years old, Lucas Daniel Vazquez responded to a video about same-sex wedding proposals by saying that he would dump a gay friend if they came out.

He added, “I think that you have to find a boy and a girl. I mean, you can get married like that, but gay, you can’t get married,” before telling the audience: “Gay is bad for you.”

this kid’s change of opinion on the LGBT community & gay marriage is GROWTH.


— ᴘᴇᴛᴇʀ (@AriesHomo) March 5, 2019

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The comments produced outrage online, but in a video released on Sunday (March 3), Lucas reacted in a completely different way to a clip of Disney Channel show Andi Mack.

When he saw the show’s character Cyrus Goodman reveal his sexuality, Lucas said: “Ooh, wowsers, those waterworks are starting to come.”

As Lucas brushed his tears away, he added: “I hate when people that are gay and lesbian… say that they’re different—they’re not really different.”

Watch Kids React star Lucas Daniel Vazquez respond to Andi Mack:

“Is this a try not to cry challenge, because if it was, I would’ve lost immediately,” he continued, smiling through his tears.

Kids React star Lucas Daniel Vazquez explains his 2013 comments

He then opened up about the video from 2013, saying: “I feel like the people who don’t like gay people and everything else—it’s probably because they didn’t learn when they were young.

“I was only five years old, okay. I did not know anything.”

Kids React star Lucas Daniel Vazquez

“Like, I’m glad that my parents taught me that everybody can live their life. And I do remember when I was young, I did a gay video,” he added.

“Let me clarify something: I was only five years old, okay. I did not know anything. Honestly, in my head, I was like: ‘What the heck is this dude talking about?’

“But now I understand it, because my parents taught me.”

Lucas also promised to lead a campaign for more LGBT+ plotlines if Disney stopped producing queer content after making strides with Andi Mack.

He said: “I feel like there’s going to be more storylines, and if there’s a limit, I will do a protest and have everybody sign the paper.”

The child added that he would bring this petition “to the Disney Channel studio, and be like: ‘This is bajillions of people that signed this paper, you better bring back the storylines.'”

The video has been viewed more than a million times so far on the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel, which has 18 million subscribers.

Kids React fans celebrate Lucas Daniel Vazquez changing his mind over time

Many viewers commented about how happy they were that Lucas had developed his views.

One said: “I love Lucas! And I’m so glad he recognised his error from when he was younger.”

Another wrote: “Lucas continues to break my heart throughout the episode!! He is absolutely amazing and has grown so much!”

A different user commented: “I was going to talk about how much Lucas has evolved since he started reacting and then he talked about it and I felt some weird telepathy.”

“OH MY GOD!” exclaimed another commenter. “Lucas was so adorable. He cried because of the first one and it was adorable.”