Trailer for lesbian high school film Booksmart has people excited

Kaitlyn Dever as lesbian student Amy and Beanie Feldstein as Molly in Booksmart.

Fans are extremely excited for Booksmart, a film about being a lesbian at high school.

The film stars Kaitlyn Dever as lesbian student Amy, who on her last day of school is convinced by best friend Molly—played by out actress Beanie Feldstein—to finally attend a party.

Booksmart, which comes out on May 24, is directed by Olivia Wilde and also features Jessica Williams, Lisa Kudrow and Jason Sudeikis.

Watch the trailer for Booksmart:

The trailer, which dropped last month, has prompted a stream of compliments and excitement on Queer Twitter.

Booksmart sparks excitement among queer film lovers

Ever since it premiered at the South by Southwest film festival last month, Twitter has been filled with excited fans who can’t wait to see Booksmart.

One person wrote: “IM SORRY a lesbian main character?! This is the representation I signed up for!! Can’t wait!”

Another said: “yall this is the trailer that played before Us thats about a lesbian in high school? i just felt really happy watching it??? also lisa kudrow and billie lourd??? HELLO???”

Others wrote messages like “lesbian Superbad? I’m in!” and “omg I need to see this.”

The two main characters drive a car in 2019 film Booksmart.

Booksmart comes out in May. (Annapurna Pictures/youtube)

Some were particularly happy to hear about a film which portrayed a lesbian character they related to, in a storyline which showed them as just another teenager, rather than some sort of tortured soul.

One of these fans tweeted: “Yessssss. Also, can I borrow someone’s time machine because high school me needs this movie too.”

Another person wrote: “we are stanninng booksmart for queer rep and giving me a studious person who is a lesbian something to relate to.”

A different commenter said: “just getting a regular movie like this that doesn’t require much thought and is fun and not super dramatic and isn’t a coming out story or a weird obscure art project (as much as i love them), just getting a REGULAR movie, i’d like to thank god.”

In the same vein, a tweeter said: “I’m totally in for this. Finally, a shamelessly fun movie I can relate to.”

Booksmart star Beanie Feldstein comes out

Feldstein, who is one of the film’s two leads, came out during a panel for the film at South by Southwest last month, revealing that her partner was a woman.

According to Page Six, the Lady Bird star said: “It was completely meaningful for me to watch the film.

“I think if I could have seen our film earlier, I would have found myself a bit sooner.”

Booksmart star Beanie Feldstein

“My partner is a woman. There’s a love scene between two girls and they’re fumbling with their sneakers and they can’t get their jeans off.”

“All of those moments, they make me tear up because representation is really important,” she explained.

“Also, Kaitlyn’s character is not the only gay character in the film. So there you go, what an incredible thing our film is doing.

“I think if I could have seen our film earlier, I would have found myself a bit sooner.”