This lesbian wants you to know having a ‘large vulva’ is nothing to be ashamed of

Jess Greenash speaks to PinkNews (Instagram/@thecrudevegan)

Jess Greenash has a “large vulva” and says her labia is “a lot longer than anybody else’s that I’ve seen”.

She struggles to fit into size 10 jeans because, she says: “My flaps are too big.”

“I never wear jeans due to the huge discomfort my flaps experience,” the 24-year-old explains.

“There’s never enough space and it feels like my lips are going to fall off.”

Growing up, she struggled to accept the shape of her vulva, especially as she began to compare herself to women in porn who have “very tight, neat, tucked-in vaginas”.

Watch her interview with PinkNews:

Greenash believes the idea of having a ‘designer vagina’ puts people under pressure and gives them a complex about what their bodies are meant to look like.

She noticed from a very young age that her body was not like everybody else’s and online pornography added to the shame she felt.

“I have bigger labia – she’s more meaty,” Jess explains.

She now shares her experiences of having a “large vulva” as a YouTuber, The Crude Vegan, to help others accept their body.

Encouraging people to talk more openly about discharge, periods and different body types, Jess hopes to break down stigma through body positivity.

Having a “large vulva” is not shameful.

Greenash was very conscious about her vulva but realising she was a lesbian and dating other women was a turning point that helped her embrace her body.

“Prior to ever having sex I was very conscious about it,” she tells PinkNews.

“But I found that when I started to be with women, I started to feel a lot more confident and comfortable with myself.

“I got to experience other vulvas and they told me that everything was perfect.”

Since dating women, Jess’ relationship with her vulva is “a lot stronger”.

She is now in a long-term relationship with her partner and wants to break the taboo around vulvas as “it’s never spoken about”.