Transgender woman, bi woman and non-binary lesbian make Tinder’s top 30 singles for 2019

A transgender woman, bisexual woman and non-binary lesbian have all made the cut for the top 30 singles of 2019, according to Tinder.

The three singletons shared why they love being single and their Tinder bio lines in an interview for Cosmopolitan about the 30-strong list of the top users across the UK and Ireland.

Ella-Morgan, 25, who is transgender, told the publication that she swipes right for “tall tanned” guys – and if they’ve got a sausage dog.

“Proud trans woman,” Morgan’s bio reads: “Judge me all you want, but I’m the nicest and funniest girl you’ll ever meet. Yes, I’ve had my surgery!”

Tinder top 30 singles of 2019 share dating experiences.

The cosmetic surgery consultant from Bristol added that she enjoys being single because it gives her the “time to learn to love myself”.

JJ, meanwhile, a non-binary lesbian from Cheltenham, said that they swipe right for “Jennifer Aniston lookalikes”, adding that the actor’s character from the early season of Friends is their “dream woman”.

“I’m just looking for cool people to vibe with,” reads JJ’s profile.

“Let’s grab some food.”

The singletons will feature in the September issue of Cosmopolitan. (Cosmopolitan/Antonio Petronzio)

The 28-year-old barber explained that, if the conversation is flowing with another Tinder user, they ask them to speak over the phone as a “good pre-date test”.

They added that they usually go on a couple of dates a month and had made some great friends through the app.

Top trans woman, bi woman and non-binary lesbian reveal their Tinder bios.

And, Paris, who is bisexual, said that she waits for guys to speak to her but messages women first if it’s an instant match.

She said if she doesn’t match straight away with other women then she messages the next day.

I’m just looking for cool people to vibe with.

Paris added that her bio notes that she once sent back a Burrata, an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, which she described as a “good conversation starter”.

The model explained that she had recently had her best ever date – when a racing driver took her to Monaco.

She said she had previously flown to Paris before, but added: “That one was actually kind of boring.”

Tinder’s top 30 appears in the October issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale from September 5.