Transphobic lesbian YouTuber suggests non-binary and queer people don’t exist because they don’t support Trump

Arielle Scarcella

Anti-trans lesbian YouTuber Arielle Scarcella made a TikTok in which she suggests that queer, gender fluid and non-binary people don’t really exist because they don’t support Donald Trump.

The TikTok shows her and a friend pretending to look confused with the words: “Have you ever seen a non-binary Republican? Queer Conservative? Gender fluid Trump supporter?

“It’s almost as if these ‘identities’ are purely political.”

Twitter users were quick to point out the obvious.

One wrote: “I wonder if it’s because Conservative candidates and their base consistently and openly discriminate against LGBT+ folk…”

“How about quietly rolling back protections for trans individuals,” said another. “Removing trans people from service in the military, supporting supposed bathroom bills, tacitly approving gay conversion therapy, removing a bunch of other protections for other LGBT+ folks.”

Others tried to help the anti-trans YouTuber understand that non-binary, gender fluid and queer people also exist outside of America, and therefore that supporting or not supporting Trump is not likely to be an indicator of their existence.

One person wrote: “I wonder what will happen when Arielle discovers that there are countries that aren’t America.”

While the majority of the comments pointed out why non-binary, queer and gender fluid folk might have a reason to not support Trump, Arielle’s supporters came out swinging with well-thought-out points like: “I haven’t felt discriminated against by my Conservative government but maybe that’s because I’m not a ‘queer’ constantly looking to be a victim.”

Arielle Scarcella recently ‘left the insane progressive left’.

In February, Arielle Scarcella announced, to the surprise of literally no one, that she was “leaving the insane progressive left” and “coming out” as Conservative.

The YouTuber has long been criticised for her anti-trans views and has even uploaded a video called “I Won’t Apologise for Being Transphobic”.

In her video titled “I’m A Lesbian Woman & I’m Leaving The INSANE Progressive Left’”, she said: “I’m a lesbian, and I don’t think gender is a social construct. I don’t think cis straight white men are evil.

“I don’t believe that genital preferences are transphobic or that there are 97 genders. I don’t think that male sex offenders belong in women’s prisons… This is my coming out video.”

She said that she had been “cancelled, tortured, tormented [and] harassed” by the LGBT+ community, and added: “I witnessed literal mentally ill individuals who are latching themselves onto the LGBT+ community without actually being LGBT+ for the sake of oppression points, external validation and sympathy… It’s gotten to the point where I can no longer even list LGBT+ or women empowerment in my Instagram and Twitter bios without people thinking I’m part of this ridiculously woke cult.”