Piers Morgan is seriously triggered by a gender-neutral penguin, says he now identifies as a ‘two-spirit penguin’

Piers Morgan has had an extreme reaction to an aquarium’s announcement that a penguin is being raised gender-neutral, saying that he identifies as “a two spirit penguin”.

Sea Life aquarist Charlotte Barcus told Sky News that the fact that gender “isn’t an issue to penguins” is the point, and that the gender neutral penguin was meant to start conversations about gender with aquarium visitors.

She said: “What we wanted to do was raise the conversation with guests who come through the aquarium… that there is a difference between gender and sex.

“We wanted to give guests the opportunity to meet that individual and learn about its personality without assigning it any preconceived gender roles.”

She added: “You don’t really see [gender roles] in the animal kingdom… penguins would have to have some sort of society where other penguins were putting pressure on little baby penguins that they should be more masculine or more feminine.”

But Piers Morgan, host of Good Morning Britain, went on a bizarre rant about “mummy” and “daddy” penguins, before demanding to be allowed to live in the aquarium as a “two spirit penguin”.

He said: “Apparently there’s a four-month-old bird who has been deliberately not assigned a gender, this is the first gender-free penguin who is not allowed to be male or female…

“So even though a female penguin had a little penguin and daddy penguin helped impregnate female penguin to have little penguin apparently we’re not allowed to call them male and female anymore.”

gender neutral penguin chick

The gender neutral chick, raised by lesbian parents, is now four months old. (Sea Life London)

Piers Morgan said he wants to live in the aquarium as a gender neutral penguin.

Morgan then went on to discuss one of the BBC Teach videos, which support PSHE in schools, in which a teacher told children there were “100, if not more, gender identities”.

After watching a clip of the video, he screamed: “Shut up! Shut up, you people. Let me tell you some of these gender names: Neutrois, pangender, polygender, two spirit person, transmasculine… What’s a two spirit person?”

When his co-host tried to explain the Native American term “two spirit”, he cut her off and shouted: “What’s wrong with male and female?”

His co-host then asked: “Can’t people be what they want to be?”

To which he replied: “No, they can’t. OK, alright I’m a penguin. I’m a penguin. Identifying as a two spirit penguin.

“Everyone happy with that? Two spirit, gender-neutral, pangender, genderfluid, femme penguin… That’s where the world is going, folks, you can basically put your hand up and say whatever the hell you like.

“I’m going to the aquarium today… and I’m going to demand to be put into the penguin enclosure because I’m now identifying as a penguin…. That’s what I am and there’s nothing any of you can do about it.”

PinkNews has contacted Sea Life London Aquarium for comment.