Olympic boxer Nicola Adams is ready to fight Piers Morgan

Nicola Adams and Piers Morgan

Olympic boxer Nicola Adams is ready to fight former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, and Twitter doesn’t think he stands a chance.

On Tuesday (8 June), Adams took to Twitter to ask her followers who  they would like to see her fight in a celebrity boxing match.

She added: “I know you want Piers Morgan but it needs to be a female.”

While her followers suggested women such as Katie Hopkins, Julie Hartley Brewer and Priti Patel, Morgan didn’t want to let the opportunity slide.

He responded to Adams: “I’m currently identifying as female… bring it on.”

Morgan has made similar jokes on multiple occasions, previously disparaging trans and non-binary people by “identifying” as an elephant, giraffe, squirrel and “two spirit penguin”.


Adams seemed to think Morgan’s anti-trans joke was hilarious, responding with to laughing emojis and writing: “Let’s go.”

She added in another tweet: “I’m currently in training for my next fight against Piers Morgan.

“It’s only right that we host the fight at the Emirates Stadium being both Arsenal supporters.”

Her followers didn’t think much of Morgan’s chances, with one responding: “Piers Morgan couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag.”

“She’d wipe the floor with you,” one Twitter user told Morgan. “You wouldn’t last two rounds mate!”

“She’s a physically fit trained boxer,” said another. “You couldn’t finish her warm up.”

Adams, who became one half of Strictly Come Dancing‘s first-ever same-sex dance couple before dropping out after her partner Katya Jones tested positive for COVID-19, retired from boxing in 2019 after an eye injury.

She was first openly LGBT+ person to win an Olympic gold medal for boxing, after winning at the London 2012 Olympics.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter has largely been out of the limelight since he walked off set after weather presenter Alex Beresford described his comments about Meghan Markle as “diabolical”, and never came back.