We have just witnessed the best episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race in herstory. Yes, really

Baga Chipz as Margaret Thatcher

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK was a brilliant, instant classic from the moment it sauntered onto our screens three weeks ago.

But this is Snatch Game. There’s a high bar, and if it’s not topped the whole season can be left in a stink. So how did it fare?

Drag Race UK season 1 episode 4: The verdict.

How much Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent was episode four packing?

Overall: C.U.N.T.

This wasn’t just the tightest Snatch Game in history, but the best hour of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, US, All Stars, Thailand, Celebrity, on ice and competitive motor sports.

Where do we go from here? The Snatch Game is up. The show, season and franchise has been stolen. Wigs off.

Snatch Game: C.U.N.t.

Worries the BBC might temper some of Drag Race’s more outrageous instincts were proven misguided by this gang of glorious girls.

The Vivienne is scarily good (BBC).

Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump were expertly used by Baga Chipz and The Vivienne to teeter directly over – but never quite cross – the line.

I put Belgrano Spice. Like the ship she likes to go down.

This woman’s an inspiration. If anybody knew how to f**k up a country it was her.

I love you too but please keep those orange cheesy balls away from my face.

They used drag as in the same vein it’s been used for centuries, as clowns capturing and satirising the truth of – sometimes horrific – political scandals. And making it properly funny in the process.

Baga’s faces, The Vivienne’s incisive wit and mimicry, Blu Hydrangea’s dedication and all of their looks – bar maybe Cheryl Hole – were an absolute joy.

Baga Thatcher (BBC)

Even Stacey Dooley appropriating the show’s catchphrases as if they were puns couldn’t dent the mood.

Runway: C.U.N.

Category is: Weird science, genetically modified drag queens.

And what a runway to match the snatch! So much more salivating than a glamazonian eleganza realness week, and the queens didn’t miss a beat showing off their dystopian dreams.

Divina was divine as a messed-up mermaid, but both Crystal and Blu managed to do something completely original on a runway that has survived the stomping of 15 seasons of stilettos.

Over the years drag queens have just been painting their eyes bigger and bigger and bigger, so by the year 3000 their head is just a massive eyeball. What are you looking at?

A blu eyed girl (BBC).

I’m serving dystopian mutant drag queen.

Crystal is a sparky queen (BBC).

Gay marriage, Brexit, impeachment and Meghan Markle throwing shade: Drag Race UK gets zeitgeisty.

We had multiple references to Brexit, impeachment and Meghan Markle spilling tea and shaking up royal protocol. We were also treated to the usual condemnation of bigoted laws – but with a twist.

Blu spoke of the pain that came with growing up in a place that didn’t have equal marriage. Except now, it does.

—Divina Di Campo
Normally this is a bitter moment of reflection and call for change, but we were instead allowed the luxury of sitting back and basking in a rare moment of progress. Getting excited for those queens off the telly to soon find out the whole of the UK (well – nearly) will be treated equally was the delicious cherry on an already brilliant episode.

Sum Ting Gone.

Lip sync.

Sum Ting looked like a Spice Girl and danced like a Spice Girl and spelled out the song just like a Spice Girl.

But it was no match for Crystal’s subversive Texas Chainsaw Massacre persona firing up the song like a mutant call to arms.

It was the first lip sync from Drag Race UK you would actually want to replay.

“Love you long time.”

She was robbed in week one, given the hardest task in week two, faltered in week three and was declared extinct in week four after delivering a decent – but jokeless – David Attenborough.

She should have stuck to Nigella Lawson (who isn’t big in the states – who knew?) but was talked out of it by Blu and Cheryl, who seem to know exactly what game they’re playing.

Sum Ting this week should have listened to Sum Ting last week and ignored all advice. But at least we got the golden nugget of Vacant Spice trying to cheer up her up her left tit.

Geri’s wise words find their audience (BBC).

Line of succession: Who is on their way to snatching the crown in Drag Race UK?

1st: The Vivienne. 

I’ve never found much humour in Trump impersonations. How can you satirise something that’s already a walking joke, without just copying?

Well, that’s how. The Vivienne is an unstoppable tour de force. I only wish we could have seen her Cilla, too.

2nd: Baga Chipz. 

Baga’s runways are lacking, but when the performances are this strong who really gives a tuck? I doubt Ru will let her leave before the final.

3rd: Divina Di Campo. 

It was breakthrough week for Divina. Her holy habits let Baga bag Thatcher (which – unlike Gia Gunn and Trinity the Tuck’s staged battle over Caitlyn Jenner – felt genuine.)

But then it was almost like she heard the chorus of queers screaming at her not to choose Julia Child and had an epiphany. She’s here to win. Divina Di Christ became Divina Di Comethrough. This lady was for turning after all, and I’m here for it.

Your belief is a belief, my existence is a reality.

The curse of Julia Child (World of Wonder.)

4th: Blu Hydrangea.

There’s quite a wide gulf between the top and bottom half of the competition rnow. But I love Blu. The shade, talent and cute sense of knowing have me won over. But girl, does she need a win.

5th: Cheryl Hole. 

Cheryl barely featured this episode. While I find her hilarious, it’s clear others don’t. I really hope she gets some sort of redemptive arc out of this before her time is called.

6th: Crystal.

Crystal’s Devereaux may have been a no but everything else is a hell yas.