Anti-trans, anti-gay activist Caroline Farrow blames queer people after being banned from entering the US

Caroline Farrow

Anti-trans, anti-gay and anti-abortion activist and Catholic apologist Caroline Farrow has been banned from entering the US, after her Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) was revoked.

While the reason for her ESTA being revoked remains unclear, Farrow wrote a thread on Twitter titled “Beware of LGBT activists”, accusing people who disagree with her on social media of phoning the US embassy and reporting hate crimes to stop her from entering the US.

She wrote: “How vindictive do you have to be to go to the lengths that you would ring the US embassy and attempt to have me denied entry to the country for tweeting the truth about male and female.”

Earlier this year, a judge granted an injunction against Farrow, ordering her to cease contact with a transgender lawyer over a “barrage” of abusive tweets.

She also wrote in another thread: “It looks like having discovered that I am going to the US, two people file a police complaint last week, tip off the embassy or Homeland security and my ESTA is revoked. The vindictive obsessive mentality is quite something to behold.”

According to the Catholic news outlet Life Site News, Farrow was travelling to the US to hand-deliver a petition to Disney World Orlando, which called for the company to stop “LGBT indoctrination”.

Disneyland Paris celebrated a Pride parade this summer, and the petition states that Pride events at Disney parks are “a deceptive move to push the LGBT political agenda and expose children and families to lewd behaviour”.

“Similar parades around the world are notorious for exposing viewers to participants wearing only their underwear or leather bondage gear, topless dancers, lewd dancing, people engaging in public sex acts [and] semi-nude or completely nude people.”

Farrow was then reportedly set to attend a five-day “Applied Conservative Leadership conference in Kissimmee”.
One of the people she accused of preventing her entry to the US is Liverpool-based GP and LGBT+ rights campaigner Adrian Harrop.

Life Site News described Harrop “one of Farrow’s tormentors” and said that he had hinted he was responsible because he posted a picture of the US Embassy in London on the same day.

Harrop responded to the article on Twitter, writing: “Oh dear @LifeSite will you swallow literally any old bulls**t this woman feeds you?

“As if I have the sort of ‘connections’ where I can just wander down to the U.S. embassy to ‘have a quiet word’, and request that someone’s ESTA gets revoked!”

Caroline Farrow was previously very upset about “deviant” gay penguins.

This summer, Farrow caused a Twitter storm over her opposition to the stars of London Zoo’s Pride celebrations, specifically its “deviant” gay penguins.

For Pride month, London Zoo put up a mini banner which says “Some penguins are gay, get over it” in the penguin enclosure to celebrate the three same-sex penguin couples that live there.

Farrow wrote: “This sign forces families to discuss a topic with their children that they feel their kids may not be emotionally ready for. It’s politicisation and an intrusion into family life.”

She added: “People are just sick to the back teeth of being forced to celebrate the decadence of the rainbow and applaud others’ private lives.”