Right-wing white Christians are now ‘praying’ that God ‘exposes’ Michelle Obama as transgender

Same, Michelle Obama, same. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Right-wing white Christians are back at it again with the conspiratorial anger and this time, compelling God to “expose” author Michelle Obama as trans is definitely a new one.

This weeks, the former us first lady of the United States became the unlikely target of notable right-wing conspiracist and Infowars host Alex Jones, making the bizarre claim that Obama is trans.

Many consider Jones to be transphobic despite previously having transgender porn open on his phone.

But the, uh, theory has found the support from the ‘Up Front in The Prophetic’ radio show. Hosted by Francine Fodsick, she hosted a “prayer call” slot, LGBTQ Nation reported.

‘The true identity of Michelle —Michael – would be exposed,’ Christian prays.

She turned the call over to an intercessor, someone who prays to God on behalf of another, identified as Jamie.

Jamie’s prayer involved “exposing” Obama as trans as well as exposing her husband Barack as a sex trafficker.

Uh, right.

“I am asking you, Father, that the general public would see all of the stealing and all of the dirty things that Obama has been involved in,” Jamie prayed.

“How did he get this $15 million home in Martha’s Vineyard?

“Father Lord, I’m thanking you that every bit of money laundering, that he is involved in child trafficking, all of that would be exposed.”

“Father, I thank you for exposing all of the corrupt book deals, not only Obama’s, but Joe Biden’s, Michelle’s,” Jaime continued.

“And speaking of Michelle, today ABC just had an article saying that she’s been named the most admired woman in the world for the second year in a row.

“Father, I am asking you that whatever plan they have to have Michelle or Hillary [Clinton] run for president, we call that canceled in Jesus’ name.

Barack and Michelle Obama smiling

Barack and Michelle Obama. (Getty)

“And I am asking you Father that the true identity of Michelle —Michael – would be exposed.

“Father, I am asking you that that whole family, that those children— they are not their children, they’re the children of Obama’s best friend —Father, we ask you that that whole lie would be exposed for the everyday person to see it, in Jesus’ name.”

What did Alex Jones say?

Black women have often been targeted with comments about masculinity, which are considered to be racist and discriminatory, and Obama’s presence  in the public eye has made her a prime target.

Jones released a 12-minute clip which analyses photos and videos of the Obamas. He points to her “very wide shoulders” and her “very masculine” face as significant proof of his theory.

He also explains that former president Obama would often refer to his wife as “Michael” on-camera, a slip-up that apparently shows that she was previously a man who’d since changed her name and “dressed up” as a woman.

People pointed out though that the clips where former president Obama said “Michael” could have referred to anyone, and there is no way of knowing who was being discussed at the time.