Here’s how to turn your favourite jockstrap into a handy face mask in just three simple steps

Actor Emerson Collins made a TikTok video showing users how to turn a jockstrap into a face mask. Gay rights, maybe? Probably not. (Screen captures via Twitter)

As a treat, here’s a helpful video for turning a jockstrap into a non-medical face mask by American actor and producer Emerson Collins.

Yes, really. You’ve already clicked this link, you’re in too deep to back away now, we’re afraid.

In the nearly minute-long clip posted Friday evening – which has already tallied more than 610,500 views – Collins answers the question that truly nobody asked, “because [he’s] ridiculous”.

Obviously, we kid here. But the video speaks to a US anxious and fearful as it becomes the epicentre of the global coronavirus pandemic.

As each state becomes a petri dish for new cases, Americans are facing troubling realisations as they come to terms with their new reality.

On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement on its website recommending all citizens wear non-medical cloth masks,” a policy recommendation happening at a time when surgical and N95 masks are in critically short supply.

So, dear reader, grab your jockstrap and notebook because it’s time to make a non-medical face mask.

OK, OK, how do I make a non-medical face mask out of a jockstrap?

“Take your favourite jockstrap and face it towards you,” begins Collins.

“Step one: Put the waistband over your head.

“Step two: Take the leg bands, cross them over your head, and secure them beneath your nose,

“Step three: Take the excess waistband and pull it over your forehead, securing your jockstrap mask in place.”

Collin then showcases a colourful array of example masks, proving that the gays were truly put on this planet by God for this very reason; to make jockstrap face masks.

“And yes, straight boys,” Collins continued, “you can make it with that sad, tired one you still have from high school football, or whatever.”

So, there you go.

‘This is genius.’

A number of users – eager to escape the unrelenting existential dread we all now face on a daily basis – dubbed Collin’s up-cycling “genius”, while others posted snaps of themselves having made their own.