Elon Musk condemned for sharing vile anti-LGBTQ+, anti-feminist, anti-vax meme

Elon Musk and tweet

Billionaire troll Elon Musk has been accused of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric after sharing a pathetic meme mocking queer people, Black Lives Matter and COVID vaccines.

Twitter users called out Musk after he shared a ‘They Brainwashed You’ meme on the platform Wednesday (28 December). 

The meme template depicts two restroom icons standing next to each other with one saying “They brainwashed you” while the other responds with “Really”, alluding to the other figure being the one who’s actually brainwashed.

In the meme shared by Musk, one of the figures depicted a person wearing a face mask with imagery supporting the LGBTQ+ community, vaccines, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, communism, social media websites (including Twitter), CNN and Islam. 

“I’m not brainwashed!!” Musk wrote. 

A recent report by Media Matters found that since Elon Musk bought Twitter in October 2021, anti-LGBTQ+ hate speech on the platform has increased by 1200 per cent.

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Several social media users spotlighted how Musk’s ‘brainwashing’ meme further boosted hateful, anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. 

Musk was also called out for liking a post by the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, run by Chaya Raichik. Her channels are notorious for creating right-wing hate mobs targeting LGBTQ+ people, trans-inclusive medical institutions, affirming doctors and supportive teachers. 

Despite being called out multiple times for fanning the flames of hate, Libs of TikTok tweeted on Monday (26 December) that posting “publicly available videos isn’t harmful, hateful or dangerous”. The account claimed it is “harmful” to affirm trans and queer youth as it is “exposing kids to adult sexual entertainment” and “giving kids porn in school”. 

Musk, whose trans teen daughter publicly disowned him, was among the Twitter users who clicked like on the anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ+ post. 

The Twitter owner faced immense backlash from users on the social media platform for ‘amplifying’ and interacting with a post “full of lies by an inciter of pogroms and terror”.

But this is far from the first time Elon Musk promoted anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric since he purchased Twitter in October.

Musk repeatedly mocked pronouns, saying in two 2020 posts that he believes the essential part of English grammar ‘sucks’ and is an “esthetic nightmare”. He took another hateful dig at trans and non-binary people when he mocked pronouns and called for Dr Anthony Fauci to be jailed in a December 2022 post. 

He previously joked with Libs of TikTok about firing a member of staff, sparking more outrage on social media.

Elon Musk wears a white shirt and dark suit jacket as he stares somewhere off camera
Elon Musk has repeatedly mocked the use of pronouns and posted comments that sparked outrage in the LGBTQ+ community. (Getty)

Musk previously blamed “full-on communism” for encouraging his trans child’s decision to distance herself from him. 

The tycoon claimed in an October interview with the Financial Times that his daughter no longer wanted a relationship with him due to the influence of “neo-Marxists” at educational institutions. 

He spent this Christmas holiday tweeting an alt-right dog whistle and previously said he would support Florida governor Ron DeSantis if the anti-LGBTQ+ politician ran for president

Musk also mocked other tech brands for changing their logos in support of Pride Month, and Twitter users however pointed out the hypocrisy after Musk’s company Tesla made a similar move back in 2018.

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