The Office star reveals the behind-the-scenes story of his on-screen gay kiss with Steve Carell

Steve Carell Oscar Nunez kiss The Office

The Office star Oscar Nuñez has revealed that a famous on-screen kiss between himself and Steve Carell was actually improvised.

The famous kiss occurred in the season three episode “Gay Witch Hunt” where Carell’s character tries to make amends for homophobic behaviour in the office.

In the scene, Carell’s character Michael calls everyone into the conference room to discuss the issues Oscar faced after coming out as gay.

When Oscar threatens to quit, Michael famously kisses him on the lips in front of other workers.

In a new episode of the Office Ladies podcast, Nuñez and his co-star Jenna Fischer revealed that the kiss was not planned — and they were as surprised as everyone else.

Steve Carell was supposed to kiss Oscar on the forehead in The Office.

“Originally he hugs you and he was supposed to go in for a kiss,” Fischer said. “But he chickens out and is supposed to like kiss you on the forehead or something.”

She continued: “But I remember sitting in that room and when Steve said the line ‘I want you to burn this into your brains’ that was the moment. We were like, ‘That was not scripted. What does Steve have in his head right now?'”

Originally he hugs you and he was supposed to go in for a kiss. But he chickens out and is supposed to like kiss you on the forehead or something.

Nuñez said he was caught off guard when Carell went in for a kiss on the lips as the moment was not planned.

Reflecting on the moment, Nuñez simply said: “Carell’s insane.”

Another key scene in the episode was also improvised.

The show’s stars also revealed that other key scenes in the episode were improvised.

Another key moment where Carell’s character Michael apologises to Oscar for a homophobic slur used by another worker was also improvised.

In the scene, Michael says: “If I don’t know how to behave it is because I’m just so far the opposite way, you know? I just… I can’t imagine. Maybe we can go out for a beer sometime and you can tell me how you do that to another dude.”

Oscar replies: “That sounds like a great, wonderful idea. Let’s do that,” before walking back to his desk looking upset.