Actor had gay joke removed from an episode of The Office because she didn’t ‘feel good about it’

Michael Scott awkwardly kisses Oscar the accountant in a scene from The Office

One of the stars of hit US sitcom The Office US – inspired by the UK comedy starring Ricky Gervais – has said she campaigned to remove a gay joke from an episode because she “didn’t feel good about” saying it. 

Appearing on Rainn Wilson’s podcast Soul Boom, Angela Kinsey reminisced about the show, which ran between 2005 and 2013, saying that some of the quips made by her character, Angela Martin, were too far over the line. 

Wilson, who played Angela’s on-again, off-again partner Dwight Schrute in the series, pointed out the differences between Kinsey’s character and her real personality. Angela was originally an “uptight Christian cat lady”, while Kinsey is “warm”, he said. 

He then asked Kinsey if that difference had ever “bumped up against you”. 

Fresh Off the Boat star Kinsey replied: “There were one or two times where there would be a joke written for her that I thought was stereotypical, maybe one-note.”

She highlighted a storyline in the opening episode of season three between her character and Oscar, in which everyone finds out he’s gay. 

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The episode. “Gay Witch Hunt”, features boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) trying to make amends for homophobic behaviour in the office, which somehow culminates in an extremely awkward kiss between him and Oscar.

“I remember there was a particular storyline between Angela and Oscar where Angela was being super judgey,” Kinsey said, adding that she spoke to show-runner Greg Daniels about her issues with some of the jokes. 

“There was a joke at Oscar’s expense and I went up to Greg. I think Angela Martin invoked Jesus in the moment, and I just was like: ‘I don’t feel good about that. I don’t feel that’s what Jesus represented to me’,” she said. “He heard me and took the joke out.”

Oscar Nuñez, who plays Oscar Martinez, has also previously spoken out about the controversial episode, revealing that the famous on-screen kiss was improvised.

Speaking on the Office Ladies podcast, co-star Jenna Fischer said: “Originally, [Carell] hugs you and he was supposed to go in for a kiss… but he chickens out and is supposed to kiss you on the forehead or something.”

Reflecting on the moment, Nuñez said: “Carell’s insane!”