Marvel makes history with first-ever same-sex wedding between gay superhero power couple

Marvel Comics Empyre #4 Hulkling Wiccan wedding

Marvel has decided to give the gays everything they want by featuring its first ever same-sex wedding between two gay superheroes in a new comic.

In Empyre #4, it was finally confirmed that Young Avengers co-founders and superheroes Hulkling and Wiccan are married.

Wiccan (William “Billy” Kaplan) and Hulkling (Theodore “Teddy” Altman) are revealed to be married on the final page of Empyre #4 in a flashback to a ceremony attended by other Young Avengers, Bleeding Cool reports.

While there have been same-sex weddings in Marvel Comics in the past, this incredible moment makes it the first same-sex wedding between two superheroes.

Wiccan and Hulkling are the first gay Marvel superheroes to have a same-sex wedding.

Their marriage won’t come as a major surprise to fans. Their relationship has been fleshed out in past comics, and a celebration dinner in Marvel Comics #1000, released last year, led many to suspect that a wedding was on the cards.

“I’ve got a lot of love for Hulkling and Wiccan, both individually and as a couple” said Empyre writer Al Ewing.

“So it’s a good feeling to be able to deliver this kind of ‘shock ending’ for readers, which hopefully lifts fans’ spirits a little rather than bringing them down.”

The characters, created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, first appeared in 2005 in Young Avengers and have become major figures in Marvel comics since.

I’ve got a lot of love for Hulkling and Wiccan, both individually and as a couple.

When they were first introduced, it didn’t take fans long to deduce that they were more than friends – although the hints were initially subtle.

Creator Allan Heinberg later confirmed fan speculation that they were lovers.

Cheung said he had “no inkling” that the characters would have such longevity when he and Heinberg first created them.

“Billy and Teddy really became fully fleshed people to me, thanks to Allan’s incredible writing, and it’s been wonderfully rewarding to follow their growth and evolution under the guidance of other creators over the years,” he said.

“Now that they’re taking their relationship to the next level, I can’t wait to watch where their next adventure takes them!”

Marvel Comics fans have reacted with unbridled excitement to the incredible ending to Empyre #4.