Phillip Schofield asked out live on air by Strictly Come Dancing star Reverend Richard Coles – but it didn’t end well

Phillip Schofield (L) and Rev. Richard Coles (R)

Phillip Schofield was asked out on a date by musician, Strictly Come Dancing star and gay man of the cloth Reverend Richard Coles.

During an interview on BBC Radio 4 Saturday Morning Live on 24 October, Coles, who hosts the show, asked Schofield out for dinner or drinks.

“If you’re looking for a bit of company Phillip? Broadcaster, gay, in his middle years, single, you know… Drink? Dinner?” Coles said.

To which the This Morning host replied back saying: “Are you asking me out?”

Reverend Richard Coles reveals whether or not he went on a date with Phillip Schofield.

The two laughed and jested with each other, however, Phillip Schofield may not have taken it as seriously as the Reverend intended.

On Twitter, a fan had asked Coles whether he had gone on a date with Schofield – to which he revealed he had not.

Phillip Schofield came out as gay on Instagram in February, revealing he had struggled to come to terms with his sexuality while being married to his wife, Stephanie Lowe, for 27 years.

His new book Life’s What You Make It goes into the struggles he faced while being in the closet, revealing he turned to prescription drugs to take the “edge off”.

In the memoir, he wrote: “It’s like being inside the blackest cloud and being consumed by crushing, desperate sadness – nothing and no one can make it better.”

Late in 2019, Reverend Richard Coles, who appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, announced the death of his partner, Reverend David Coles. Both were vicars with the Church of England.

He wrote of Twitter: “I’m very sorry to say that Reverend DavidColes has died. He had been ill for a while.”