Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives masterclass in throwing shade after Fox News host tries to shame her for… appearing on a magazine cover

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed that, yes, it is possible to be a socialist and wear a $14,000 suit while you pose for a Vanity Fair photoshoot.

And that, reader, is a sentence we never thought we’d type.

Ocasio-Cortez sparred with Fox NewsLaura Ingraham on Thursday (29 October) over the Democratic congress-person gracing the front cover of the Condé Nast publication.

“AOC appears in Vanity Fair in outfits worth $14,000 to curse out Trump,” Ingraham tweeted.

“100 per cent worth it, would do it again,” Ocasio-Cortez hit back.

Never one to hold back when it comes to dunking on conservatives for whom she apparently lives rent-free in their heads, she went one step further to put Ingraham in her place.

Much of the criticism levelled against Ocasio-Cortez’s cover is centred on the apparent contradiction of her Democratic Socialist values and the cost of the clothing she wore – much of it from luxury fashion brands, such as Loewe and Christian Louboutin.

So, she sought to remind Ingraham of one pretty basic fact about photoshoots: “I don’t know if you’ve been in a photoshoot, Laura, but you don’t keep the clothes.”

“The whole ‘she wore clothes in a magazine, let’s pretend they’re hers’ gimmick is the classic Republican strategy of ‘let’s willfully act stupid, and if the public doesn’t take our performative stupidity seriously then we’ll claim bias’.

“GOP, get yourselves together. It’s sad.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves once again she is the master of sass.

Of course, Twitter users praised the representative for her clapback, as well as criticising Ingraham for deciding that yes, today is a perfect day, what with a global pandemic raging, to attack someone for wearing clothing.

This certainly isn’t the first time the 31-year-old, who is currently bidding for re-election in New York’s 14th congressional district, has had to weirdly justify wearing clothing on magazine covers.

She weathered similar backlash in 2018 when she graced the covers of Interview in Manolo Blahnik heels.

But as many users pointed out this time around, when the Trump family posted in front of gilded, golden furniture? Silence from most Republican punters.