Bisexual senator Kyrsten Sinema expertly trolls Mike Pence without even saying a word

Bisexual senator Kyrsten Sinema (C) holds the Bible as Mark Kelly (R) is sworn in by Mike Pence. (Twitter)

Bisexual US senator Kyrsten Sinema might as well add ‘expert troll’ to her résumé after she wore a vibrant purple wig and tiger-print coat in front of Mike Pence Wednesday (2 December).

As former astronaut Mark Kelly was sworn in as Arizona’s second Democratic senator, shaving the Republican’s majority of the chamber by one in the final weeks of the lame-duck session, Moira Rose-, oh, sorry, we mean Sinema attended the ceremony.

Photographs of the ceremony quickly went viral on social media, with Sinema’s scathing glare towards Pence as she held a Bible deserving to be hung up in the Lourve.

Twitter ‘surprised Mike Pence didn’t burst into flames’ at bisexual senator Kyrsten Sinema in a purple wig

The conservative Democrat, who has served as a senator after first being elected in 2018 and voted with president Donald Trump 25 per cent of the time, has donned a cheap purple bob wig since the Senate re-opened in May.

Like many of Americans hunkering at home amid shelter-in-place orders, the 44-year-old has been unable to get her hair cut.

So, in solidarity, Sinema has thrown on $12.99 wigs over her platinum blond hair to show that people can still look good while barbers and salons remain shuttered.

And countless Twitter users were in awe of this. As the Democrats’ blue wave pushed Arizona towards Biden, the tableau of Pence, a vice president with a terrifying track record with LGBT+ rights, being face-to-face with a bisexual lawmaker in a pastel purple wig holding a Bible was truly a sight.

A plank of Sinema’s platform has been pushing forward LGBT+ rights, and across her career in Congress has sought to challenge the state’s attacks against marriage equality.

As well as being just the second LGBT+ person ever elected to the Senate, she is the only known member of Congress who is openly religiously unaffiliated, and instead of a Bible opted to get sworn in on a law book from the Library of Congress containing texts of the US and Arizona constitutions in 2019.