Elizabeth Warren absolutely obliterates Mike Pence with just five simple words

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has completely obliterated Republican vice president Mike Pence at a campaign event in New Hampshire, and honestly, we love to see it.

Warren made the comment when she was asked by a member of the audience on Sunday who she would like to be her vice president if she were to take the top office.

The audience member asked Warren: “Do you whisper into Bailey’s ear, ‘Who is going to be my Mike Pence? Who is going to look at me with adoring eyes?'”

Bailey is Warren’s dog.

Without missing a beat, Warren simply replied: “I already have a dog.”

Elizabeth Warren would want a vice president who would ‘be in the fight’ with her.

The declaration was met with rapturous applause and cheers from the audience. As the noise died down, she added: “You gotta watch these feisty women!”

She went on to give the audience member a serious answer, The Hill reports.

“I want people who are there because they believe in public service. I want people who are gonna be good partners in this fight. I want people who are willing to pick up the tools that are already there and to use them on behalf of the public,” she said.

I already have a dog.

She said that her ideal vice president would be someone “who is going to be in the fight”with her.

Warren is looking increasingly unlikely to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

But the defining take-away from the event was her stinging putdown of Pence, who is particularly unpopular with the LGBT+ community. He has been accused by activists of supporting conversion therapy and of supporting legal discrimination against gay people.

While Elizabeth Warren’s scorching burns and open support for the LGBT+ community have won her many supporters within the queer community, Warren’s chances of getting the Democratic presidential nomination are looking increasingly unlikely.

In the New Hampshire primary, she came in fourth with just 9.2 per cent of votes, falling far behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. She also came in behind Amy Klobuchar on 19.8 per cent.

Meanwhile, she came third in the Iowa caucus with around 18 per cent of votes.