Neo-Nazi teen who wanted to ‘hang’ gay people becomes UK’s youngest convicted terrorist

Old Bailey

A neo-Nazi teenager who wanted to “hang” gay people and “shoot up” Pride parades has become the UK’s youngest convicted terrorist.

According to the BBC, the now 16-year-old from Cornwall, who cannot be named, downloaded his first bomb-making manual when he was just 13, and that same year he joined the neo-Nazi forum Fascist Forge.

He began collecting extremist materials and used the forum to express homophobic, racist and antisemitic views between 2018 and 2019, a court heard.

The young boy discussed “gassing” Jewish people as well as hanging gay people and “shooting up their parades”.

He soon became the leader of the British version of banned neo-Nazi terrorist organisation Feuerkrieg Division, having been in touch with an Estonian 13-year-old who founded the organisation.

The defendant set up FKD GB and recruited other young British people to help him commit the genocide of non-white people.

Prosecutor Naomi Parsons said the boy lived with his grandmother, and when authorities searched the house they found weapon-making manuals, instructions for how to kill people and and Nazi flag.

Parsons said: “The age is the alarming factor and his conduct betrays a maturity beyond his chronological age.”

Barrister Deni Matthews, mitigating, said the boy’s childhood had been “simply dreadful” and that he was trying to “seek approval” from extremists online.

He has admitted to 12 offences in total, 10 of possessing terrorist material and two of disseminating terrorist material. He will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on 8 February.

Banned neo-Nazi terrorist group Feuerkrieg Division was linked to plot to blow up a gay bar

The international neo-Nazi terrorist group Feuerkrieg Division was founded in 2018 and advocates for terrifying violence and mass murder as part of a “race war”. It was banned by the UK government last year. 

In the United States, Conor Climo was arrested in 2019 after he plotted to bomb a gay bar and a synagogue near his home in Las Vegas.

Climo had planned to firebomb a synagogue and shoot customers at a gay bar, and had also planned to carry out an attack on the offices of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

He was arrested in August, 2019, and later confessed to being a member of Feuerkrieg Division.