RuPaul divides Drag Race UK fans with blistering rant over queen’s H&M dress

rupaul drag race uk season 2 episode 5 hm

Drag Race UK continued with an explosive episode that saw RuPaul go full Tyra Banks on the queens over a H&M dress.

Like all of us, RuPaul has apparently been broken by the past year, and it was never more evident than on this week’s Drag Race UK episode.

The episode was the first recorded after filming was halted due to lockdown restrictions. After a seven-month break, the eight remaining Drag Race UK queens returned for a Eurovision-inspired challenge and were split into two groups. 

Needless to say, spoilers for Drag Race UK season 2, episode 5 ahead. 

It was quickly revealed that Veronica Green was unable to return to the show because she tested positive for coronavirus. Her departure resulted in Joe Black, who was eliminated in the first episode, making a comeback. 

During the critique, Ru lost her temper with Joe after she confessed that her outfit in the performance was from H&MThe judge said the “off the rack” outfit was a “huge disappointment to me”. She continued: “That’s what everyday people do, and you should know that because you are a star.

“This goes to all of you up here: if it is from H&M, then you better glitter the f**k out of it and make it something special.

“We’re looking for Great Britain’s Next Superstar, don’t waste my time.

“I don’t want to see any f**king H&M.”

Joe agreed with Ru’s assessment, saying she was “very stuck in what I do”. She continued: “So I had other outfit options, but the problem was they again were maybe too old looking.”

But Ru wasn’t having any of it. She struck back, saying: “I came all the way across the pond. 

“I want more. I want more! 

“Is that asking for too much? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. 

“This is the biggest stage for drag in the world. This is the Eurovision of drag. 

“So, I think we’ve heard enough.”

Needless to say, Drag Race UK fans were obsessed with RuPaul’s comments.

RuPaul’s outburst came as a shock to many Drag Race UK viewers, but many people found her comments hilarious, inspiring some amazing memes.

One incredible video dubbed the infamous Tyra Banks “we were all rooting for you” rant from cycle 4 of America’s Next Top Model over the clip.

But RuPaul’s comments weren’t well-received by all, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Others – including former contestants – spoke out against the comments, thinking that RuPaul may have crossed a line.

Ginny Lemon, a fan favourite who eliminated herself last week by boycotting the lip-sync, pointed out that many drag artists would have been struggling without their usual work because of the pandemic so it wasn’t very fair of Ru to critique where queens buy their outfits.

Joe Black herself even sent out a tweet, joking at a possible H&M collab or apology.

Semi-finalist Cheryl Hole also chimed in, saying she was thankful that Ru didn’t know “half my wardrobe was H&M” when she appeared on the show.

For what it’s worth, Ru did apologise.

After her outburst, RuPaul apologised for her unexpected back-and-forth with Joe. She said: “I want you to know that if I was a little too hard on you earlier, it’s because I see so much potential in each of you. 

“And if nothing else, these times have taught us to seize the day. Carpe diem, darling!

“Look around you, look at the past winners, look at what you are doing right now and make it happen. 

“Plus, Mama Ru was locked up in quarantine for two weeks, so that might have a little something to do with it.”

Joe ended up sashaying away from the series for a second time after battling it out on the main stage with Tia to the beat of The Communards’ classic version of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”.