Chilling video sees young woman followed by man demanding she ‘educate’ him on trans healthcare

Sexual health worker filmed by transphobe Chris Elston

A maskless man pursued a young sexual health worker and gender consultant in Canada, defying social distancing and filming her against her will, while firing questions about puberty blockers.

JK Rowling superfan and insurance broker Chris Elston has made it his mission in life to fight a conversion therapy ban in Canada. 

He filmed the sexual health worker as she was walking down the street, firing questions at her about puberty blockers, before she turned around and told him: “Motherf**ker, I work in sexual health, I’m a gender consultant, and you’re a piece of s**t.”

Elston continued to follow her as she tried to escape, and continued to film her with their consent, demanding that she “educate” him on trans healthcare.

She fired back: “It’s not my job to do that because you’re not paying me. Why don’t you look at Google?”

He still did not back down, even when the gender consultant told him to wear a mask and keep his distance, and even began asking her where she worked, before the video ended.

Chris Elston shared the video himself, writing: “If Bill C-6 [Canada’s conversion therapy ban] makes it a criminal offence to try to convert someone’s gender identity, can we charge teachers and counsellors who tell our girls they might be boys?

“Personally, I’d love to file private prosecutions against a few gender consultants and endocrinologists.”

He also revealed that the sexual health worker had called the police after the video, but that he had not been charged.

One of his followers responded: “So you harassed a woman to the point that she felt she had to call the police? Just making sure we’re on the same page here.” Elston responded by blocking the user.

The video was later shared by another Twitter user, who wrote: “Here is a transphobe who isn’t wearing a mask harassing a woman and following her.

“This is intimidation and part of what women mean when we say that we don’t even feel safe walking the streets in broad daylight.”

Chris Elston’s behaviour was so disturbing, that even others within his own “gender critical” movement called him out for it.

One anti-trans Twitter user wrote: “When I saw this, I became extremely uncomfortable with his methods. Here, he is ACTIVELY PURSUING someone who clearly wants to get away from him.

“It does not matter that she is a TRA. This is provocation.”