Fleabag’s hot priest Andrew Scott ‘in talks’ to play Tony Blair in final season of The Crown

On the left: Headshot of Andrew Scott in a tuxedo. On the right: Headshot of Tony Blair in a suit.

Professional gay heartthrob Andrew Scott, who is also an actor, is reportedly “in talks” to play Tony Blair in The Crown.

The Fleabag hunk is on track to play the former Labour Party leader ahead of the series’ hotly-anticipated final season, which will explore some of Britain’s most watershed moments in the late 1990s.

Sources told The Sun that with Scott aged 44, he’s the perfect man to play Blair, who was elected British prime minister in 1997 aged 43.

It is understood that Scott’s Blair will play a key role in exploring how Queen Elizabeth grieved the loss of Princess Diana following a car crash in Paris, France, and the heartfelt address Blair gave the nation in the wake of her death.

“This role is one of the most anticipated castings on The Crown,” an insider told the newspaper.

“The final series covers the prime minister’s epic clash with the Queen over her response to the death of Diana in 1997.

“So the creators wanted an adaptable actor like Andrew who has proved he can master the charm and intimidating presence that typified Blair.”

Considering that Netflix’s The Crown casting crew has already gifted us with Gillian Anderson as Magaret Thatcher, approaching Andrew Scott for the role of Tony Blair? Consider it queer Christmas.

After all, it’s rather hard not to cast Andrew Scott, Fleabag head writer and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge has admitted.

Speaking to The Guardian, she said the role of the show’s hot priest who had millions seriously swooning “couldn’t have been anyone else”.

“It wasn’t an easy ask,” she said. “Someone who could convince as a person who’s seemingly totally at peace, but at the same time has a promise of danger.

“He had to be a character that Fleabag couldn’t sum up and dismiss as easily as she has with so many others – so he had to be played by an actor who you can’t define.

“Andrew Scott has the charisma of 10 people rolled into one.”