Unique RPG Biomutant shows off its stunning post-apocalyptic open world in new trailer


The latest trailer for forthcoming action RPG game Biomutant shows off its stunning open world.

First announced back in 2017, the game has seen multiple delays but is finally due out next month.

Described as a post-apocalyptic Wung-Fu fable, you’ll play as your own mutant creature creation – all coloured furs and ears – exploring a lush world.

The new game trailer gives a glimpse at its diverse biomes: from the vivid greens of its grasslands at sunset, to dilapidated buildings, ancient temples, a freezing wilderness and crystal waters.

It’s accompanied by a sweeping orchestral soundtrack that lends a cinematic feel to it all. It is, in a word, stunning.

Within Biomutant’s world, you’ll explore, survive and make key choices that will impact the story. A plague is ruining the land of the New World, the Tree-of-Life bleeding from its roots. It’s your task to unite the Tribe, or bring them down.

Tying into the title, your character can evolve along the journey. As you explore you can re-code your genetic structure to adapt to the environment, while exposure to bio-contamination or radioactivity can cause mutations and new abilities.

And what about that Wung-Fu descriptor? That comes in the martial arts style combat system, which develops as you meet new Masters, adding new abilities to your mix of melee, shooting, and mutated abilities. 

There’s a touch of Zelda in the exploration, and an influence of Devil May Cry in the combat, all set in a truly unique-looking world.

Biomutant is due out on 25 May across PlayStation 4 (PS4) Xbox One and PC. You can also play it on PS5. It’s available to pre-order now.

Two collectors editions are also available. The Atomic Edition, priced at £349.99, includes a high detail diorama, steelbook, t-shirt, soundtrack, artwork and more.

The Biomutant Collectors Edition comes with a game hero figurine, artwork, soundtrack and premium box, priced at £109.99 for consoles (£99.99 on PC).

Both editions come with the game and The Mercernary DLC – a loadout of special perks.

Watch the trailer below to see Biomutant in all its glory. Follow Gaymeo on Facebook for more gaming news. 

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