Nintendo’s newly-announced Game Builder Garage will teach you to make your own Switch games

Nintendo Game Builder Garage

Get ready to learn all about game programming with Nintendo’s forthcoming release Game Builder Garage

The Switch title will allow you to create your own games, guided by cute new cartoon characters the Nodon.

There are dozens of Nodon that fill various functions; programming is as simple as connecting Nodon together.

From button controls to object placements and interactions, step-by-step guides will take you through the process.

Lesson Mode will provide interactive lessons to get to grips with the basics, completing small tasks and puzzles. Then in Free Programming Mode you’ll be let loose to build your own creations.

Games can then be shared with friends via a friend code.

A full trailer for the game shows the Nodon in action.

It introduces the key concepts before showing the breadth of possibilities available from shoot-em-ups, to sports games, platformers, puzzle games and more.

It might seem complex, but with Nintendo’s zany style it looks to be a simple and fun process, with a huge range of customisation options.

In their words, “anyone can be a game programmer”.

Fan reaction to the game has certainly been positive so far



Game Builder Garage isn’t the first Nintendo game to offer creation tools.

Their LABO range of cardboard peripherals allows players to build a robot, vehicles, VR headset and more for the Switch.

Super Mario Maker and its sequel, meanwhile, allow Mario fans to create their own Mushroom Kingdom levels and share online. The game has been super popular with gamers making some truly wild level designs.

Game Builder Garage though is in direct competition with Sony’s Dreams, which offers advanced game-making tools on the PlayStation but has a higher skill requirement compared to what Nintendo are building.

Game Builder Garage is due out on 11 June, visit the Nintendo website for details.

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