Bottoms up! This stunning vodka bottle pays tribute to Tom of Finland, the king of homoerotic art

The Tom of Finland Vodka honours the the legendary artist whose homoerotic art has been hugely influential. (

A vodka bottle that pays tribute to iconic artist Tom of Finland is available to buy.

Whether you want to drink it or put it on display, the stunning bottle features artwork by the groundbreaking artist.

The organic vodka launched in 2017 to coincide with the release of a biopic based on the famous artist, which became the Finnish entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars.

It still remains a popular choice for customers and regularly sells out from online retailers – but there’s currently a few places you can get your hands on the bottle.

This includes for those in the US, in the UK and Urban Drinks for those in Europe.

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The bottle’s artwork showcases a leather-clad man with a thick moustache that encapsulates Tom of Finland’s recognisable homoerotic creations.

Five per cent of all sales go to the Tom of Finland Foundation, which supports expressive freedom in art.

Five per cent of all sales go to the Tom of Finland Foundation.

Born Touko Laaksonen, he reached global fame for his provocative work that challenged the art world and Finnish society, which had restrictive homophobic laws.

His creations were caricatural homosexual men possessing an exaggerated amount of masculinity, ranging from fetishised sailors to policemen in often compromising positions.

The artwork influenced the likes of Freddie Mercury and is still just as impactful today, having been showcased at London’s House of Illustration in 2020 to mark his 100th birthday.

Since decriminalising homosexuality, Finland has reclaimed Tom as one of its proudest exports, with his artwork featuring on official stamps, as a series of emojis and of course on this vodka bottle.

The vodka itself is described as “old but smooth, where the spiciness of the rye is balanced by the softness of wheat and arctic water,” and it is 100 per cent organic.

Meanwhile at least five per cent of every sale will be donated to the Tom of Finland Foundation, which fights to preserve erotic art, educate the public and support the LGBT+ community

To purchase the Tom of Finland vodka bottle go in the US or in the UK. While European customers can purchase it from Urban Drinks.