Anger as BIPOC streamers excluded from high profile Final Fantasy XIV Twitch collaboration

Final Fantasy XIV developers Square Enix are collaborating with Twitch streamers to offer in-game rewards, but have been criticised for a lack of diversity.

From 24 June until 24 August, players will receive new content in the game when they subscribe to specific Twitch channels – or offer gift subscriptions.

One subscription will be rewarded with 100 Deluxe Heavenscrackers, a seasonal item used in celebration. Four subscriptions will be rewarded with a whistle to summon the Fat Black Chocobo mount to ride.

Square Enix has selected a specific list of Final Fantasy XIV streamers participating in the campaign, including English, French, German, Spanish and Finnish speaking streamers.

The English speaking list does have some diversity in terms of country location, gender and queer representation, including LGBT+ streamers like MiaByte, Hupo and Spofie.

However, there is a distinct lack of BIPOC streamers in the list, something the campaign has been criticised for.

“I mean absolutely no disrespect to any of these creators but we are definitely missing some BIPOC here,” said RedySetBen, a popular Black streamer who regularly plays Final Fantasy XIV.

MiaByte, one of the participating streamers, also shared her disappointment, asking Square Enix to amend the list with more diversity. Spofie, another participating streamer, also shared her frustration.

Other players have since weighed in. Tweets listing potential BIPOC streamer collaborators sprung up, but as Glenn Ángel notes, “let’s see how many of y’all liking these List Tweets aren’t just doing it for pity or ally points”.

Square Enix has also been criticised for working only with established Final Fantasy XIV streamers. While this is understandable to an extent to work with known collaborators, this campaign could have been an opportunity to work with and uplift smaller streamers who would benefit from the increase in subscriptions.

Twitch also notified the community on Twitter that there was an issue with viewers receiving voucher codes for the rewarded items, though this has now been resolved.

For a full list of streamers and FAQ on how to participate, visit The Lodestone.

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