Twitch streamer Nickmercs slammed for saying there’s ‘no such thing as trans people’

Streamer Nickmercs smiling while wearing a brown top, gold chain and standing in a bar.

Twitch and Kick streamer Nick Kolcheff, better known online as Nickmercs, is courting seriously backlash for incorrectly claiming that “there’s no such thing as trans people”.

The 33-year-old YouTube personality, who co-owns e-sports business FaZe Clan and is best known for playing games including Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite Battle Royale and Apex Legends went viral earlier this week (11 June) for going on a vicious rant about the trans community.

He claimed that those who believe in trans people are living in “little dreamland”.

“There’s no such thing as trans people. That’s something that you created,” he told his followers during a gaming live stream. 

“So, have fun in your little dreamland, but that s**t is not even real. Let me bring it down for you, all right? P*nis? Dude. V*gina? Girl. Done. Don’t come in here with f**king trans s**t, bruh. Ridiculous.”

Shortly after, the clip was posted on X/Twitter, with a slew of internet users condemning the comments.

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Yet despite the comeback online, the gamer, who has more than 10 million followers across social media channels and seven million followers on Twitch and Kick, doubled down on his remarks.

“I feel a certain way about all of that and I’ve said my piece. And, I’ll remind these f**king people… that, again, the little dream fantasy bulls**t that they’re living in is not real life,” he said in a Kick stream on 12 June.

“And not everybody has to dance to their tune. That’s not how that works.”

He continued by stating that he doesn’t care whether it’s Pride month; he will continue to speak his mind.

“You don’t get to go around and point your finger at people’s chest and say, ‘Hey! You live in my world. You think the way I think. You believe the way I believe!’ No, no, no. That’s not how that works,” he said.

“I don’t need people to agree with me. I don’t need no echo chamber bulls**t. It’s the way my wife and I feel. It’s the way that my family feels… we’re going to speak our f**king piece. 

“It might be a thing that goes around. Look, it’s June and I get it. Everybody is, ‘Woo’ but I don’t f**king care.”

It’s not the first time the streamer has whipped up controversy for his comments on LGBTQ+ people; during last Pride month he posted on X/Twitter that pro-LGBTQ+ people should “leave little children alone”.

Nickmercs had his character skin removed from Call of Duty following last year’s remark.

Fellow gamers have responded to his latest derogatory comments with fury, with gaming vlogger Andy Cortez writing: “When zero IQ dummies like @nickmercs show themselves, l think of his trans (closeted or not) fans. they watched because they loved [Call of Duty] and enjoyed his humour… Now he’s telling ‘em they have a mental disorder.”

“Nickmercs is a moron who has decided that because he doesn’t agree with how someone lives their life, it therefore doesn’t exist,” wrote fellow esports streamer @StumpyGoblin, adding: “Stop listening to genuinely stupid people.”

“Will @Twitch uphold their own Community Guidelines? Doubtful,” commented YouTuber Ace Trainer Liam. “Trans people are humans. Trans rights are human rights. F**k bigotry.”

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