Move over Pokémon: monster collecting game DokeV is set to be your next obsession

DokeV from Pearl Abyss

Can DokeV out-Pokémon Pokémon? It certainly looks like it can. At the very least, Pokémon doesn’t have rideable llamas.

Announced at the Gamescom launch event, DokeV is an open world monster collecting game from South Korean developer Pearl Abyss that already has us feeling like rockstars.

Ok, that’s mainly due to the trailer’s soundtrack – an original K-Pop song called “Rockstar” that’s available to download from the game’s website. It’s the perfect fit for the game: a catchy, vibrant and fizzy pop track that’s as addictive to listen to as the game looks to play.

And the game looks truly gorgeous. Its website doesn’t yet state whether it’s coming to consoles or PC, but it looks hugely impressive with its realistically textured environments and diverse cartoon characters.

DokeV characters

DokeV. (Pearl Abyss)

The trailer shows human characters exploring a Korean-inspired open world: from clean and crisp cities, to lush verdant countryside. They do tricks on skateboards, they speed through the streets on skates, they do donuts in tiny cars. It’s all delivered with a pizzazz that only a K-Pop song could soundtrack.

These characters also battle against robot enemies big and small using various whacky weapons, like waterguns, bows, and an oversized hammer. Along with its stylish sense of cool, there’s a Splatoon-esque flair to it all.

More so, the gameplay seems like Pokémon meets Monster Hunter. You see, these humans fight alongside Dokebi who they befriend on their journey – fantastical creatures who “live side-by-side with humans and encourage people’s dreams from which they gain strength”.

DokeV llama

DokeV. (Pearl Abyss / YouTube)

Whether these critters are as iconic as Pokémon remains to be seen, but so far the collection of boxing bears, magical cats and other furry beings are adorable.

It’s not clear yet what the narrative of DokeV will be – or when it will be released – but hopefully it will be a little more involved than becoming the very best like no one ever was. At the very least, with all the nods to idol culture, it’s sure to make us feel like rockstars.

And did we mention there’s a rideable llama?

Check out the vibrant announcement trailer for DokeV below.

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