Pokémon Unite shows off incredible-looking gameplay in brand-new cinematic trailer

Pokémon Unite

A new trailer has been released for Pokémon Unite that shows off the multiplayer online battle arena game’s exciting gameplay.

The latest Pokémon title will be released on Switch in July and mobile in September. It will be free-to-start across both platforms, with cross-play enabled.

The game takes place on the mythical Aeos Island where trainers compete in Unite Battle tournaments.

Teams of five compete against each other to battle Pokémon and score the most points.

In various stadiums, teams face off and collect Aeos energy from defeating other Pokémon, which is then deposited in the other team’s goal for points.

It’s like a Pokémon sports game, then, with different monsters taking on roles like attacker, defender, speedster and more.

You’ll also be able to customise both your Pokémon and your trainer. Aeos energy can be used to give your Pokémon a variety of outfits, while your trainer’s appearance, clothing and accessories can be altered, along with various poses for your trainer profile.

While it’s free-to-start, the game will have optional in-game purchases – presumably the outfits and accessories.

A seasonal Battle Pass will also be available, which you can level up by completing missions to earn rewards.

Pokémon Unite follows Pokémon Quest as a free-to-play game available on both mobile and Switch. That game has you exploring Pokémon worlds with real-time action combat and a cute cuboid style.

Pokémon Unite isn’t the only new Pokémon game coming soon.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, remakes of the Nintendo DS games, are coming on 19 November.

Players will return to the Sinnoh region in a new chibi art style to once again catch ‘em all.

Then, on 28 January 2022, Pokémon Arceus will be released.

It’s a bold new direction for the series, mixing action and RPG elements in what appears to be an open world.

And as a sort of prequel to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokémon Arceus takes place in the Sinnoh region of the past with the protagonist filling out the region’s first Pokédex.

Check out the trailer for Pokémon Unite below.

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