Nicki Minaj fans are literally cursing BBC politics editor Laura Kuenssberg

Side by side images of Nicki Minaj and Laura Kuenssberg

A fan of Nicki Minaj says they have literally put a curse on BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg after the rapper called her a “dumbo”.

It’s been a wild day. The afternoon began with the prime minister being questioned about Nicki’s tweets regarding the COVID vaccine after she shared a story about a cousin’s friend who allegedly became “impotent” and suffered from “swollen testicles” following his jab.

Nicki was then called out by chief medical officer Chris Whitty over her comments, and Boris Johnson shared he wasn’t “familiar” with her work. She sent Johnson a voice note in her iconic faux-British accent, offering to send him a “portfolio” of her work.

The “Starships” rapper’s comments prompted Kuenssberg to weigh in on the online drama. She shared one of Nicki’s tweets, writing “2021 everyone”.

Nicki Minaj issued a furious put down against Kuenssberg and branded her a “dumbo”.

“Yes 2021 when jack a***s hang on to my every tweet but can’t decipher sarcasm and humour, and can’t read,” Nicki tweeted. “Go away dumbo.”

One fan decided to take the online feud seemingly a step further and even said they were literally putting a curse on the BBC journalist. They tweeted an image of two female busts placed in a pentacle above Nicki’s name written in a red substance.

“You’re cursed,” the person wrote. “If something happens to you in the next 48hrs it was me.”

Other fans shared they were simply just there to watch the drama, and many shared their support for the rapper.

Not stopping there, Nicki also took aim at Piers Morgan, who decided to chime in with his unsolicited opinion about the rapper. Morgan called Nicki Minaj “one of the rudest little madams I’ve ever met” and said she is “peddling lies that will cost lives”.

Nicki replied that she’s “never met” Morgan. But she said she liked the phrase “rudest little madam” because it “has a special ring to it”.

“Thanks Pierce. Love the accent,” she wrote. “I’d love to come chat. Scones. Tea. Clown nose and big red shoes for you.”

If that wasn’t enough, Nicki changed her Twitter bio, and it now reads “Rudest little madam” beside a Union Jack emoji.

Morgan tried to say that he had actually met Nicki on the set of America’s Got Talent when she “appeared as a guest act”. He claimed that she “refused to say hello to my three young songs because you were ‘too busy’”.

In a later tweet, the “Anaconda” superstar told the former Good Morning Britain host to stop “lying” because she would “never turn down pics with kids”.