Emma Corrin’s ‘crucible realness’ Emmys look divides fans: ‘Handmaid’s Tale and Cruella had a baby’

Emma Corrin at the Emmys wearing a yellow Miu Miu sheath dress, matching bonnet and sharp claws poking through long gloves

Emma Corrin may not have picked up an Emmy last night, but her one-of-kind outfit has certainly got people talking.

The Crown actor served strong goth pilgrim vibes as they stepped out in a custom pastel Miu Miu bonnet with matching pale-yellow strapless dress, completing the look with razor-sharp black talons poking out from long fingerless gloves.

The colour of the dress is similar to a shade worn by Princess Diana over the years, which was perhaps a subtle nod to the character Corrin was nominated for playing.

Corrin themself described it as “crucible realness” but left fans guessing about the thinking behind it all. Their stylist Harry Lambert gave no clues either, simply sharing a photo with the caption: “Ooooo hi.”

Together they’ve created a bold look that somehow straddles the line between soft and witchy, traditional and futuristic, simple and surreal, and fans had a lot of opinions.

Many were baffled, comparing the demure headpiece to a swim hat or nightcap. Others saw strong connections to The Handmaid’s Tale, which could’ve been a deliberate political statement after Texas’ recent anti-abortion law.

Some said it screamed Cruella de Vil, others thought it was more Little House on the Prairie... and the comparisons just kept coming.

It wasn’t all negative, though – Vogue heaped praise on Corrin, describing their look as “a study in streamlined fashion,” while Glamour said they looked “incredibly chic” and added that “they’re one of few people who could pull off such a statement look”.

“I already love how much people are going to hate this absolutely outstanding and fantastic look,” said non-binary actor George Regout. “She’s fierce and not afraid to stand out with something fabulously unique. So good.”

It looks like the jury’s out on this one, but one thing’s for sure – Emma Corrin has raised the bar.