Marvel Cinematic Universe fans get first look at Emma Corrin in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer

The actor is making their Marvel debut. (Getty)

Get ready for a whole lot of sarcasm and fourth-wall breaks, as the trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine is finally here! 

Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is none other than non-binary actor Emma Corrin, who makes their MCU debut as the leading villain. Fans got a first look at The Crown star in their new, bald role in the trailer for the Marvel Studios comedy, which was released on 22 April.

The trailer sees Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) recruiting Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) to help save the world, and features his unconventional, anti-hero humour. There are enough fight scenes to shake a stick at, so be prepared for plenty of blood, guts and gore.

The first trailer sets the tone for the movie, with Deadpool meeting up with Wolverine in a bid to get him on board with a mission to protect mankind, and potentially, the multiverse. The Wolverine we see on screen is upset he “let down his entire world”, and a TVA agent encourages Deadpool to join forces with Wolverine to defeat the new villain, Cassandra Nova, played by Corrin.

While we don’t know mutant Nova’s plans, she seems pretty adverse to the X-Men, with her actions affecting the multiverse in its entirety. 

In the original comic books, Cassandra Nova was the twin sister of Charles Xavier, who founded the X-Men. When the twins were still in the womb, he put his psychic powers to the test, and discovered that Nova was in fact evil. He then choked her, causing her to be stillborn. 

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But Nova managed to come back to life in another body she created for herself, and now has telekinetic and telepathic powers. The villain also appeared to build her lair in the empty skull of giant Ant-Man, and has rallied up previous X-Men villains to join her on the dark side.

The non-binary actor has dominated the field in the past couple of years, having received an Emmy nomination for their role as Princess Diana, co-starred alongside Harry Styles in My Policeman and taken to the stage in Virgina Woolf’s Orlando

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to hit movie theatres on 26 July.